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We can all agree that the time working hard was the best option is long-abandoned by all humans. We are trying to work smarter, and we are improving steadily in that field over the years, including every aspect of our life. With the technological boom from the end of the 20th century and the discovery of microchips, our lives have become simpler and easier. Modernization has given us a helping hand. Pesky long-hours jobs have become just every usual Thursday for our replacements. Getting robots and robotic technology, at the start of the 21st century, into our everyday lives has blessed humankind in numerous ways. Let’s point out a few usages of Robotic Tree Removal that is doing the heavy lifting instead of us.

Tree removal service South Florida

First of all, let’s see what robotics we are talking about and then see those mentioned benefits. Thinking of robotics, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is some futuristic kind of stuff. Like a terminator-shaped humanoid android with chainsaws instead of hands and is super powerful and can lift any tree trunk or brunch effortlessly. Well, this is far away from the truth. Most tree removal companies use cranes and remotely controlled units.

However, we will look at the benefits of the crane. We use a knuckle boom crane with 100 ft vertical reach, equipped with a Mecanil SG280 claw saw. And, that is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal.

1. Kind of Obvious – Safety

Tree removal service South FloridaA skilled climber can sometimes climb the tree that has to be removed for tree removal projects. The climber will next gently chop off tree limbs and either let them fall to the ground on their own or use ropes to lower them. However, if trees have been plagued by bugs or disease, and they are decaying from the inside out, there could be trouble and it is hard to notice that. These trees are dangerous for climbers to ascend because they have grown weak and unstable. Other trees that may have sustained wind or storm damage and pose a similar risk to climbers by potentially fracturing during tree removal should also be avoided.

In these conditions, using a crane to cut down a hazardous tree could be safer. Few tree firms are prepared to remove unhealthy trees given the hazards involved, but a crane can make the job possible. Crane use is necessary to remove a dangerous tree. But, it is possible with the right training and expertise. After all, the safe usage of machinery is also required. Using a crane to remove a tree requires time, skill, and training. However, when needed, it may be a far safer option than other types of tree removal. It is good news for the tree, the neighborhood, your family, your dog, the tree squirrels, and us, the Tree Jaws tree removal service.

2. Accessibility – Reach

The second thing that comes to mind is the reach. We can reach those difficult-to-reach parts of a yard or property, like places where several buildings are nearby, a fence or wall is in the way, or a tree is otherwise difficult to get.

By utilizing a crane tree removal service, you can reduce the inconvenience. Since the operator can carefully position the tree where it needs to go without endangering other properties or disrupting the neighborhood, using this tree removal service frequently causes less disruption to the neighborhood. As a consequence, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience and disturbance that come along with other techniques while having your tree removed.

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Tree removal may come to mind as a single, substantial incision made at the base of the tree, followed by the tree forcefully toppling over and crashing on its side. However, this technique is hardly used in neighborhood situations when other trees or structures are close by. The tree is instead dismantled top-down and piece by piece. Each item is removed by the crane and then moved to the drop zone for the ground crew. The crane may hoist the pieces over walls and other obstructions as necessary. Because of this, we can remove a tree that, under other circumstances, would not have been feasible.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency

We have established that traditional tree removal is a tedious and often dangerous task. When people spend a long time on the field, the cost of service goes up. With robotics, we can lower both time and cost.

If you’ve ever observed a crane-based tree removal, you may have been astonished by the length of time required to set up the crane and place the whole team around it. So, where is the time-saving? That is the catch. Once everything is set, the removal itself will take place swiftly. Before work starts, everyone must be aware of the strategy, their responsibility, and how things will operate.

As mentioned above, with a crane, you can put away removed parts of trees right away at the desired site. With good communication and a well-trained crew, the whole process is a piece of cake. Before you know it, everything is finished, and we can move to our next task. You can admire our work done incredibly efficiently, safely, and without disturbance. All these said and all the other possible benefits there are you should know that it is not always the best option to use robotic help, but if you have:

  • a tree near a power line or building
  • a tree in difficult-to-reach or/and tight space
  • a large tree
  • or, you want to reuse the cut tree for something else,

Then we are the right robotic tree removal service for you.