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Mitch is an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional and easy to communicate with. My jobs are much safer now that I am working with him. I’ve been doing trees in Broward county for over 20 years and I look forward to working with him again and again. Thank you, Heath at Allison Tree

Heath Allison

Allison Tree Company

My name is Pete I am the owner of all about trees tree service.I have worked with Tree Jaws on several occasions.In fact if Mitch was not there to help me I could not have done some of the jobs that we have worked on together.

Peter Capoccia

All About Trees

I’ve worked with many companies in the tree industry, but tree jaws is at the top of the list. They’ve helped us with difficult (dangerous) tree removals over houses and have always been great with the grapple service pickups. Top of the line equipment and top of the line people. Thanks Mirko!

Patric Lafevers

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Bonded, insured and certified Tree Removal Service. Tree Jaws is pioneering the new way of tree removal in South Florida.

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